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I also work which takes up all of my freedom and I hate it.
I'm on other medias too if you wanna follow me.
My commissions are always open!
Maybe even for commissions if demanded enough. Rn not yet


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Posted by MASTER-K0HGA - 12 days ago

I made a Patreon not too long ago if anybody is interested, I'll try getting some exclusive stuff there and hope to do some requests for Patrons..

If I get any that is.

Here you go!


Only if you're interested I guess, thanks anyways.


Posted by MASTER-K0HGA - February 20th, 2020

I'm not really getting much luck for myself right now, but I'm hoping I will at some point. I've posted on my DeviantART that I'm taking NSFW commissions and I will always be open to these for as long as I possibly can! I'll eventually post this on my Pillowfort account as well seeing as that, although being a beta site at the moment, they also accept NSFW too.. So I'm always willing to expand on the whole of NSFW and SFW in general!


Commissions Form

In order for me to accept your commission (or the basics of it) I'll have a form for clients to fill out as a guideline for when I get to them:

+ Character ref: Must be clearly visible and coloured. Descriptions are NOT accepted

+ Proof of Age: I will not tolerate lying just to get the easy way out, I will report you if you try. If you refuse to clarify your age then I will refuse your request/ commission. End of.

+ Type of Commission: I.E. Fullbody, Waist up or Bust shot. Prices will be listed below.

+ Additional Details: I.E. What the character is doing within the drawing, expression, any other extra info about them, accessories and so on.

+ Email/ Gmail: I am receiving payment via PayPal, I will need to make an invoice with all the details you would like included in your commissions, if you refuse to do this then you will be ignored.

You don't have to actually follow any of my social medias or anything but I know it'll greatly help me out a lot getting some recognition with my art, especially when I do need the funds and this (besides work) would really help my ongoing goal.

I've been trying to save up for a place of my own that benefits me instead of living wiht my unstable work of a family! XD I'm not actually able to properly concentrate on my works and job when you also have to come back to whatever stress that happens at home, it's not always terrible but it will definitely relieve some stress from my shoulders, I know that.

Either way, thank you.


Do's and Don'ts

I am willing to experiment certain kinks and or fetishes, but I have limits as I'm not exactly a fetish artist or anything.. So it really depends on my mood if I like the idea or not, hear me out: I am still rather uncomfortable of the thought of accepting such things, but these are NSFW and varying in your art is usually an ok thing now and then..


+ Humans/ Humanoids

+ Males and Females

+ Single characters only. I'm currently learning and practising on couples NSFW, so that will be left out for now.

+ 18+ Characters ONLY. 

+ Can draw something that involves body positivity.

+ Original and Fan Characters

+ Humans with animal-like features.

+ Original/ Closed or Open species

+ Basic backgrounds

+ For fetishes: I will need to be specific on a couple.

- I am SOMEWHAT ok with MILD/ wg?? Plus sized characters?? Would you say, if you make it over the top I will not hesitate to cut you off. End of.

- I'm willing to draw M-Preg (but no intercourse and no extreme male pregnancies, same with just pregnancy in general)

- Bara is acceptable

- I'm a butt weirdo, and butts are really cute, I specialize in extra thicc and curvy figures of the like, both female and males. I've only been told I draw good thicc, so you know me likes some thicc butt..


+ Animals/ Feral creatures

+ Bestiality/ rape/ pedophillia. You will be permanently blocked and reported for asking such things.

+ Underage Characters. Again, you will be permanently blocked and reported if you dare suggest and beg for NSFW content of minors.

+ Groups

+ Armour/ Mechs

+ Complicated designs

+ Actual people.

+ Complicated designs

+ Detailed backgrounds

+ Other fetishes: VERY SPECIFIC.

- Vore of any kind

- Inflation

- Scat/ Flatulence

- Foot

- Tickling


If you would like to confirm more kinks/fetishes with me, most likely I'll only be neutral towards the ones I've listed already. If you have more tamed and/or interesting things though feel free to PM me about those too, thank you.


Art Examples

I do have a few examples of my NSFW works, they're not great but that's what me practising is for!.. Yes I know they're of the same character that I love but I am slowly but gradually getting on with my OWN characters, so when I get the chance to start/ finish them off I'll show those off.

I'll link a SFW drawing of the same art style I'll be choosing for these as well, it's the simple shading style that I'll be doing for all these only because I enjoy drawing in that style, and also because it's actually one of the easiest styles I can do without losing all motivation altogether.

Couples are still in the works so mostly espect single lewds/ nudity and possible masturbation in most (Well... Attempt that too)

So this is a SFW example of one of my many Fan Characters.


And my NSFW examples.


I don't have many examples of NSFW, I suppose lucky for this site that I'm very slow when it comes to art, but I will be practising more as time goes on and I slowly get to more of my works, but right now these are the recent examples that I got so far.

And suprisingly enough, these are actually the best ones I ever did. I used to draw lots of NSFW over on Tumblr before they completely banned it so all of that progress I did is now all gone, so this is pretty much a chance to NOT only restart everything NSFW that I've drawn, but to ALSO improve to better myself AND make new and hopefully improved stuff.

It doesn't actually to be completely lewd if you don't want it to either, if you want something more SFW then I'm more than happy to draw that too, I'm a varied artist so I do a bit of everything if I have the ideas, motivation and time to do it.


I accept GBP ONLY but if you have an exact conversion from GBP to USD for the American folk or other currencies then PLEASE, PLEASE feel free to convert it and inform others so they know how much they'll be paying with the currency they are familiar with.

+ BUST SHOT: £10 / Est. $13

+ WAIST UP: £20 / Est. $26

+ FULLBODY: £25 / Est. $32 or $33

The conversions I have displayed are only ROUGH ESTIMATES, so I am not 100% sure if these are close enough or accurate in any way. I suggest you do the conversion yourself to get a better understanding with what you're paying for on these commissions.

The art examples I have listed above give a guideline as to what the three options will look like in the commissions, so if you are certain with whatever choice you would like, then add it in the form.


I'm also planning on creating a Patreon to further support my works finacially! Especially to those who are willing to support me along that sense.

It's only a choice as there are people who are either always going through financial struggles or have saving up goals of their own, heck, even both, this is only by YOUR decision!

Please don't feel obligated that you have to pay me for whatever, commissions are always by choice if you WANT a commission from me AND are willing to spend your money on them.

Either way I support all kinds of support and cannot wait to improve here, I'm trying to be active as much as I can on here seeing it's about time for me to improve my art and myself as a person, and being out there and getting to know people via other medias and offline, it'll definitely help me to better my skills and extend current knowledge.

If anybody does come across my stuff and like what I do and follow me, are interested in helping me in finacial purposes, or have already followed me from the beginning/ other sites before, I appreciate it very much and am really grateful! ;;v;;

Thank you so much~~!! ^v^ And hope to get a lot of interest as time goes on.



Posted by MASTER-K0HGA - January 19th, 2020

Most of my OCs are part of a species that I've been working on for a while now.

I'll just plaster them here from DA, just because I can. VuV


I haven't really done much for them besides just re-drawing my OCs and redesigning them slightly, so the actually sheet needs to be completely updated like a fuck ton!


I do an awful lot to myself and start way too many projects than I can even comprehend, but I have this-

And a few others too!


Kinda related to the other ones but I need to actually do something with them- I need to redesign my OCs for them too T^T


And then I have an adorable species, I love these fuzzy babies,,, ;;v;;


I make adoptables with this species seeing as I accept PayPal, and honestly do need the funds ofc.

I may post open adopts if people actually do that here .v.


I probably have more things going on but right now I don't remember, my mind isn't at the right state rn -

And I'm trying to draw, or experiment, another way with my art.. Like that's the reason why I joined here, this site is rather free with uploading so I'm happy with that, I just need to give myself the motivation to do that.

Inother words, I'll try getting to more exciting work. -^-

Idk .v.!


Posted by MASTER-K0HGA - January 16th, 2020

Commissions are always open

I accept payment via PayPal and I will PM you the invoice if you're interested in a commission from me!

I do several styles, sometimes usually what benefits me.. But I'll list the styles that I get commissioned and I enjoy:

Also to note: I only accept GBP. But if you know how to convert the currency to USD or any other currency then by all means go for it, if it helps you to understand how much it'll cost you it's a good idea. And to mention if you aren't aware already, PayPal does have a fee every time money is sent so just be sure to keep that mind when you commission me.

It doesn't mean you need to pay more, I'm just telling you that's how their system works! XD

Art examples

Bare in mind I work on a pretty big canvas most of the time, the examples are small just for space reasons:


Flat colour: Waist up - £10 / Full body - £15


Super Paper Mario Style:

Flat colour: Waist up - £5 / Full body - £10

Shading: Waist up - £10 / Full body - £15


Basic Shading: Waist up - £10 / Full body - £15


Sketch: Sketches will look more tidier than this

Waist up - £5 / Full body - £10


I can draw: Humans or Humanoid like beings, adults, Females and Males, Simple designs, Original and Fan Characters.

Suggestive content may be accepted if it's a must.

I choose not to draw: HOWEVER. I will NOT draw full blown NSFW YET.

Fetishes, underage characters, Complicated designs, animals or feral creatures, mecha or armour

How to commission:

Fill the form:

Character ref: Must be clear and easy on the eyes

Commission of choice: Ones listed above

Additional details: What the character is doing, etc..

PM me: Email / Gmail. In order for me to make an invoice for your commission I need to know who to send it too.


I'll be accepting as many as I can, all I ask is for you to be patient with me as I DO have a job.. So actvity will vary depending on the day or how my mental stability is.

However most likely these will be done, I don't think I've EVER not done a commission before? As far as I know, I did them and my clients have been pleased with the results. I have more artworks, examples, commissions and so forth over at https://www.deviantart.com/master-k0hga if you're interested!

Thank you and hope to do a lot for the future!

Feel free to aks me anything if you're unsure on what to do or if you need anything from me, I'm a busy person but I'm always happy to talk if you need me~~ <33

All the support is very much appreciated, have a good day.


More info about my commissions can be found on my DeviantART here:


Rules may vary depending on the site's T.O.S. So please respect the rules and my wishes, thank you.

Reading and following all the rules is very vital as doing so will make service easy on both me and my clients, if rules are broken at any point there will be consequences - Eventually leading to a block and a report about potential disrespect and abuse towards me or others.

Thank you for taking into consideration and I appreciate all the support, thank you.